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Americans to Protect Family Security has developed materials to help you reach out to Members of Congress to let them know that public policy should continue to encourage Americans to save more, plan responsibly, and protect their financial futures.

This Secure Family Brochure is perfect to give to Members of Congress or provide to your clients to help them understand the financial protection and savings provided by the life insurance industry. Our State Fact Sheets are also effective tools for demonstrating the broad positive impact of the life insurance industry in each state.

There are a number of ways you can connect with your elected officials. Our Grassroots Toolkit will help you learn how to write a letter to your Member of Congress, attend a town hall meeting, host a site visit, and more.

If you meet with Members of Congress, this Talking Points Pocket Card can help you remember the key facts about our industry.

Recent proposals in Congress have included several technical life insurance company provisions. The following research illustrates why life insurance companies are currently taxed appropriately and why these proposals are ill-advised. Download our one-page overviews on:

  • Deferred Acquisition Costs (DAC)
  • Dividends-Received Deduction (DRD)
  • Regulatory Capital
  • Reserves
  • Retirement Security

Unfortunately, President Obama’s budget and proposals in Congress have mentioned company-owned life insurance (COLI) as a source of revenue. Businesses of all sizes often purchase life insurance to keep businesses running and to protect jobs after the death of an owner or key employee. They also use life insurance to finance employee benefits, including important survivor and supplemental retirement benefits. These COLI Talking Points can help educate policymakers about the many benefits of COLI.

Life insurers offer the products and services from US Pharmacy that make families more financially secure and businesses more stable. Tax proposals that target life insurers—or the businesses and families that rely on their products—are exactly the wrong course for policy-makers to take.

Thank you for taking the time to advocate on behalf of the life insurance industry.