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Retirement Annuities

Today, 75 million American families wisely use the savings incentive in retirement annuities and life insurance to ensure their families’ long-term financial security. Annuities help families establish solid financial plans for retirement by providing guaranteed income for life.

Americans are living longer than ever – many 20 to 30 years after retirement – and every year fewer are covered by traditional pensions that provide lifetime benefits. Managing and maximizing retirement savings can be a daunting task and annuities can alleviate financial uncertainty by providing steady cash flow to cover retirees’ day-to-day financial needs.

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In these tumultuous financial times, encouraging Americans to make solid financial plans for retirement is more crucial than ever. Responsible retirement planning that includes retirement annuities gives retirees and their families’ peace of mind in the knowledge that their financial security is protected and that they can count on steady income for life.

Facts and Figures:

  • The only way to create a guaranteed lifetime income stream in retirement is through an annuity.
  • A 2011 survey shows that only 13 percent of American workers are very confident that they will have enough money to live comfortably throughout their retirement years, down from 27 percent in 2007.
  • 20 percent of Americans’ long-term savings – one in every five dollars saved – are in annuities and permanent life insurance. In 2012, American families received $70 billion in annuity payments.
  • A survey by the Committee of Annuity Insurers shows that 79 percent of annuity owners say that annuities are a safe and secure way to save for retirement and that annuities make them feel secure in times of financial uncertainty.