Secure Family

Grassroots Toolkit

Agents in Action: SecureFamily Fly-In 2013

As a concerned citizen who understands the value of life insurance and retirement annuities, you play an integral part in helping Congress recognize the important role these products play in the financial and retirement security of 75 million American families—including your family.

Americans to Protect Family Security has put together a toolkit with tips you can use to let Congress know that policy-makers should not make it harder and more expensive to obtain financial and retirement security. Public policy should continue to encourage Americans to save more, plan responsibly, and protect their financial and retirement security–not change the rules and take away incentives.

Reaching out to Congress is simple and there a number of ways you can connect with your senators and representatives. View the complete toolkit for useful tips on how to:

  • Write a Letter to your Members of Congress
  • Attend a Town Hall Meeting
  • Participate in a Telephone Town Hall
  • Participate in a Twitter Town Hall
  • Write a Letter to the Editor

Tips for Agents and Financial Advisors

As a life insurance agent and/or financial advisor, you serve as a trusted resource for your clients seeking financial and retirement security and Members of Congress seeking to improve the lives of their constituents. You can take part in a number of activities to further both relationships. In addition to activities noted throughout the toolkit, agents and financial advisors also should consider the following:

  • Tell Your Story: Members of Congress and their staff seek input from individuals who live and work in their community to learn about the issues facing their constituents. You can help by providing genuine stories about our industry and how life insurers’ products protect families, secure retirements, and make investments in communities to foster growth and create jobs.
  • Share Clients’ Stories: Identify clients that would be willing to share how their financial and retirement security has been positively impacted by life insurers’ products. If appropriate, invite your clients to personally convey their story by accompanying you during visits with Members of Congress and their staff.
  • Keep Clients Informed: Your clients may appreciate hearing from you about public policy issues that could impact their financial and retirement security and be willing to relay their own personal stories to legislators about how life insurers’ products benefit their lives and the lives of their families.