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Add your name to the list of Americans who count on life insurers for financial and retirement security. Together, we can make sure that families continue to have access to the economic security that only life insurance, annuities, disability income insurance and long-term care insurance provide.

This petition will be sent to your member of Congress should a legislative threat to your financial and retirement security arise.

As a member of one of the 75 million American families that rely on life insurance products, I know first-hand how life insurers help provide peace of mind, long-term savings, and guaranteed lifetime income in retirement.

Whether it’s protection against the financial risk of the sudden death of a loved one, outliving savings in retirement, lost income due to disability or paying for long-term care, life insurers provide the financial protection and retirement security products that 75 million American families count on.

Congress has long recognized the important social and public policy served by encouraging families to plan ahead and protect themselves against financial risks. Policy-makers should continue to ensure that families like mine have access to the economic security that life insurance products provide.

Thank you for supporting American families.